Tornado Potato Pictures from Facebook. To add your picture, just post it on our Facebook wall and it will appear in the album titled Timeline Photos below.

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A guy with a tornado potato always gets the ladies.
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Everyone should be so thoughtful...take your sibs to the Tornado Potato Buggy. What a great Sis.
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Yummmm! Bacon and Cheddar Tornado Potato
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One Potato, Two Potato, whoa where's the 3rd potato?
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Now look at the pretty tornado potato and say "Cheese"
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Two Thumbs up for the Tornado Potato Buggy
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Potato Ears for you.
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Potato and rabbit ears for everyone.
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Tornado Potato...You Like?...Very Nice.
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In addition to the best Tornado Potato in the Country, The tornado potato buggy makes one hell of a corn dog!
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Like father...Like Daughter
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Slow down there honey and enjoy your food.
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Damn those Tornado Potatoes are good. These guys had them half eaten by the time I got the camera ready.